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The Door Is  Open to Your Contributions!

Thank you for your interest in adding to FREE genealogy and history online at Kane County ILGenWeb. If you have access to information that is not copyrighted (or you have written permission to reprint copyrighted material), please send your contribution in PLAIN TEXT.   The quickest and easiest for me to copy, paste, and reformat on an .html page is NOTEPAD or its equivalent, with no indentations, headings, bold print, or tables.   If you have Microsoft, Notepad can be found in  Programs>Accessories>Notepad.  Check to make sure that "Format" is set to "Word Wrap."  Compose the document, and save. It will save as a .txt file.

MS Word codes interfere with .HTML coding.  If I receive a document in Word or Excel,  I will strip it of all of its original formatting, and format it as best I can on the web page.  That takes additional time, and will delay the  uploading of your materials. 

The simpler, the better.  This is just one example of a plain text document at the USGenWeb Archives: http://files.usgwarchives.net/il/dupage/cemeteries/littlewd.txt .  If your original transcription is in Microsoft Word, it would be a big help, and speed things up considerably, if you convert your document to Notepad. You'll find excellent instructions on THIS SITE at SMB Creative Group's Help Desk. 


Please name your file something short and specific, with no spaces, commas, or punctuation.  You may use upper or lower case, and may insert a break between words with an underscore, such as John_Jones.txt.


If you are including a photograph, please do not embed it in the document.  Send it as a separate .jpg file.  Please name the file with no spaces or commas.  It may be something like johnjones.jpg or john_jones.jpg (with an underscore - not a dash), or JohnJones.jpg.   NOTE: If the image file is very large, I may reduce the size for a faster download. 

In considering what items would be appropriate, please remember that the primary goal is to enhance the Genealogist's or Historian's experience on this site.  Ask yourself the following questions:


(2) WAS THIS BOOK, ARTICLE, OR PHOTOGRAPH published after 1923?  Is it copyrighted, and do I have written permission to republish? Read more about Copyright.   Names and Dates cannot be copyrighted, but compilations and written histories and genealogies may be copyrighted.  Please name your source in your transcription of a published document.

(3) DOES THIS MATERIAL CONTAIN THE NAMES OR PHOTOGRAPHS OF LIVING PEOPLE,  and do I have consent from those people to publish their names and/or photographs?  This may also go back to the first question:  Is this Genealogy?


1. As a Look Up Volunteer.  If you have Kane County research materials, such as histories, census records, cemetery books, etc., you could offer to do look-ups for fellow researchers. 

2. Adopt a Topic.  It could be a community, African American history, Native American history, other ethnic or religious group, School or Church history, Industry of business history, historic site, or other.

3. History of Family Association Web Page.  If you have your own genealogy web page related to Kane County, I would be pleased to link it from the Kane County ILGenWeb.

4. Transcribe Cemetery Records.  Help us get free information on the internet by transcribing cemetery records.  This can be from the actual tombstone transcriptions or from church records.  Be sure to call the church in advance.  If you visit in person, please take a couple of landscape and older or more interesting tombstone photos.  If you have transcribed in an Excel spreadsheet, please keep in mind that the spreadsheet will be stripped of it's formatting.  Plain text is preferred.

5. Transcribe Old Newspaper Articles, Diaries, Letters, or Town Records.

6. Transcribe old Deeds, Wills, Obituaries, Diaries and Letters.

7. Contribute old Photographs of Places, People, or Groups.

The USGenWeb Project is a not-for-profit organization of volunteers, dedicated to free access to genealogy on the Internet.  Each state, and almost every county, has its own web site.  In addition, the USGenWeb Project has special projects, such as the Tombstone Project, the Archives Project, and the Census Project.  If you so desire, you may duplicate your contribution to one of those projects.

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