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St. Charles, Illinois - Newspaper Excerpts
1941- 1962

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*** Note that some of the articles published in later years are excerpts of the column, "This was 25 Years Ago" ***


St. Charles Chronicle, June 5, 1941, Local Happenings: Mr. and Mrs. George Bryan and the latter's mother, Mrs. Amanda Peterson, visited Mrs. Carl Sandburg in Chicago on Memorial Day.


St. Charles Chronicle, Nov. 30, 1944, The City by Night ... Dick McKamey pulled on one of the neatest ones of the season when, upon arriving at Dyche Stadium last Saturday afternoon, he found that he had left his tickets at home.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, 21 Dec 1944, The City by Nite ... Artie Henningson claims he doesn't mind the Infantry but he doesn't care about that getting up at 5:45.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, Dec. 28, 1944. Social Events. McKamey-Spriet. Miss Lorraine Spriet, granddaughter of Mrs. Alida Regelbrugge, became the bride of Richard McKamey, son of A. P. McKamey last Saturday afternoon at 4 o’clock. The double ring service was read by Walter P. Nuremberg of Geneva, Justice of the Peace. Attending the couple were Miss Theresa Puccinelli of Geneva, and Raymond McKamey of St. Charles. The bride wore an afternoon dress of light blue complimented by black accessories and a corsage of white carnations. Miss Puccinelli wore blue and a shoulder bouquet of pink carnations. The wedding party had dinner at the Hotel Baker after the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Spriet (McKamey) are employed by the Operadio Manufacturing Co., will reside at 207 E. Cedar ave.


St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, Feb. 15, 1945. Chairs Re-Caned like new and repaired. Also piano tuning. Prices reasonable. A.E. Ament, 408 S. 5th ave., St. Charles, Ph. 313-J.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, July 12, 1945, Local Note: Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Krunnfusz have returned from Rice Lake near Chetek,Wis., where they enjoyed a week's vacation. Her parents. Mr.and Mrs. Julius Crohn will remain up there for another week. Their daughter Rosemary, who is taking a six week course at the Art Institute stayed with relatives in Chicago while her family was away.

St. Charles Chronicle, July 12, 1945, The City by Night ... Johnny MacDonald, Al Hunecke and Dick McKamey are doing a great job umpiring for the Fox Valley baseball circuit.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, July 19, 1945, Victory Gardens. Joe Schelstreet is garden editor for the St. Charles Mfg. Co. publication. Employees who are Victory gardening may enter the Green Thumb contest either as individual home gardeners or as an industrial group gardener.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, July 19, 1945, Victory Gardens. Service Notes. July 5, 1945. Dear Miss Paschal: At last I'm settled for a while, I hope. I have been receiving the Chronicle and the most interesting thing I notice was that Bob Elliott turned up in P.W. camp. I have been kept plenty busy while in New Orleans and then later on the move to Indian Town Gap three weeks later to Fort Jackson, S.C. Then to New Orleans for my little boat ride. I'm in Puerto Rico, just six miles south of San Juan. We have a nice camp here, or I should say fort. But nothing like the good old U.S.A. We hope it's only a two year job down here. God only knows how long it will go on. I left the wife and family in good health. I want to thank you for the paper. I remain, Pvt. Ray Snelting, 3636549, APO 846, c/o PM, Miami, Fla.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, July 19, 1945, Local Notes. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hahn are moving to their newly purchased farm home seven miles northwest of St.Charles. The home they have occupied at 712 S. Third St., has been rented to Mr and Mrs. Harlo Dunn.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, July 19, 1945, Returned Vets. Cpl. William Rimcus returned to the states on the Geo. Washington after five and a half months overseas. He will spend his 30-day furlough with his wife Helen and daughter at their home, 409 James st., Geneva. He arrived home on July 14, just four days too late to be with all his friends on the Oldtimers baseball team at the Pottawatomie park return game. Bill has, however, been doing his stuff with the 373rd G.S. Engineering which received a regimental award. Besides that he has the ETO ribbon with two battle stars during the service he was in during the time he was in France, Belgium, Germany and Austria. He will report to Camp Grant and then receive from two to four weeks training before being sent into the Pacific Theatre of Operations.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, Nov. 15, 1945. T/3 Peter R. Blozis, son of Mrs. Lenora Blozis, 1002 W. Main St., has been given his honorable discharge from the U.S. Army. He was with the 152nd Armored Signal Co. He was in combat in France and his unit was awarded the Meritorious Unit Plaque during the operation at Rohrbach, Herrlisheim in the Colmar Pocket in France. He also saw action through the Saar region and pursuit across the Rhine.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, Nov. 29, 1945, Social Events: Family Reunion. Thanksgiving day was observed as a reunion at the Riordan home Sunday, Nov. 18. All members of the family gathered around the table for the first time in more than three years. Arthur was here from Omaha; Harold from overseas; Helen and family from Hammond, Ind.; Isabelle (Mrs. Regelbrugge) and Ruth Riordan from the home town. Aunt Margueritte, Mrs. Waughop, sat in with all. It is several years since the family has been together.


St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, Jan. 3, 1946. Boy Scout News. Troop 14 Takes Hike. Troop 14 met at the old city hall at 1 o’clock Friday afternoon, Dec. 28 for a winter hike. We went to Ferson’s creek and made a fire over which we cooked our food. After we ate we played king-of-the-hill and then we broke camp and came home.  — Charles Holden, scribe.
St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, Jan. 3, 1946. Bullet Lodges in High School Boy's Elbow. Robert Cailliau, 1109 W. Main st., was accidentally shot Tuesday when he was preparing to go hunting. When attempting to open the basement door to get his boots the .22 rifle went off as he held it in his hands. The shot went into his left elbow. The shell was of the hollow point type which spreads out when it hits. It is practically impossible to remove it by ordinary methods. Rushed to the hospital, Robert has been in the car of Dr. C.A. Potter who has had penicillin administered for precaution of spread of infection. He is a student at the local high school.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, Jan. 3, 1946, New Year Brings Many Veterans Back to Homes. The Bechtels. Instead of Sgt. and Sgt. Bechtel, it has been changed to Mr. and Mrs. as of the month of December. They both had three years of service in the U.S. Army -- Ernest leaving two weeks later and returning two weeks earlier than his wife Jane. By coincidence the apartment they vacated to enter the service will soon be vacant, so they will again live at 328 N. Fifth st. At the present they are staying with his sister, Mrs. Ralph Baum and family at Batavia. T/4 Jane Bechtel received her honorable discharge on Dec. 18 and so will be handicapped for several weeks. Sgt. Ernest Bechtel was given his discharge aat Ft. Sheridan on her length of service. She was first in publications and publicity work for the WAC at Louisville, Ky. after her basic training. About a year ago she was sent to Fitzsimmons hospital, Denver, Colo. for six months and since that time she has been in the motor corps at Breckinridge, Ky. She fell on the ice Christmas Day, breaking her arm above the wrist so she will be handicapped for several weeks. Sgt. Ernest Bechtel was given his discharge at Camp Grant on Dec. 5 with a total of 74 points. He was only at Ft. Bragg, N.C. a few months when he was sent over to Hawaii. He followed up on the invasions of Saipan, Tinian, Leyte and Okinawa, with the 24th artillery corps of the 10th Army. He was sent to Korea for the army of occupation when he was selected as a high point man to come home. Ernie arrived at Seattle aboard the SS Admiral Benson. He is entitled to wear the Asiatic-Pacific ribbon with three battle stars, the Philippine Liberation with one star and the Victory ribbons. Before entering the service he was employed at Operadio Mfg. Co.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, Jan. 10, 1946. Returning Servicemen. Edwin A. Spriet Jr. MOMM3.c, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Spriet Sr., 101 S. Thirteenth st., was discharged at Great Lakes on Dec. 31 after three years of service. All but five months were spent in the Pacific area at Oahu, Midway, Guam, Saipan, arriving at Tokyo Bay in time to have his ship standing by during the signing of the surrender terms. Spriet was also on the SS Archifish 311, a submarine and on patrol duty between the stops at the islands. He came back to the States on the USS Saratoga, one of the 250 ships in the "Magic Carpet" fleet and had a total of 37 1.2 points when discharged. He is entitled to wear the Asiatic Pacific, American Area and Victory ribbons. He also has a Presidential Unit citation with a star.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, Jan. 10, 1946. Returning Servicemen. Pvt. Vernon Zavitz. After spending two years in the Pacific, Pvt Zavitz has been given his honorable discharge from the U.S. Army at Camp McCoy, Wis. With the 276 Pt. Co. he served on New Guinea, the Philippines and Japan. Vern, who is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Zavitz, 933 Elm st., arrived home on New Year's eve.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, May 16, 1946. Local Notes. The Irving Krieger family of 619 Jackson ave. is very much incapacitated by illness. Mr. and Mrs. Krieger and daughter Joey have scarlet fever and son Corky has the measles.  St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, May 16, 1946. Local Notes. Mrs. Helen McCarthy received a unique bouquet of 25 roses for her Mother's Day bouquet. Her daughter Loretta had attached a crisp one dollar bill to each blossom and had it delivered from the florist. St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, May 16, 1946. Service Notes. Arthur Richard Frohling, F1/c, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Frohling, 14 N. Twelfth st., is home on a 30-day leave. He has been stationed at the U.S. Naval Station at Astaire, Ore.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, May 16, 1946. Service Notes. Arthur Richard Frohling, F1/c, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Frohling, 14 N. Twelfth st., is home on a 30-day leave. He has been stationed at the U.S. Naval Station at Astaire, Ore.


St. Charles (Kane County,Illinois) Chronicle, May 8, 1947. Obituary. Paul E. Scott, 56, who was agent at the local Chicago & North Western Ry. office for several years, passed away at his home, 522 Fulton st., Geneva, Saturday morning. For the past years he has been station agent at the Geneva office making his service record for the company more than 37 years. In ill health for the past few months he has been on a leave of absence, and suffered a heart attack Saturday morning. He was born at LaFox March 11, 1891, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Winfield Scott. His father was agent for the same railroad at LaFox. Survivors include his widow, Edythe, one son Donald of Wauwatosa, Wis., and daughter, Marjorie of Chicago, and three grandchildren.Funeral service were held Tuesday afternoon from the Skoglund chapel in Geneva with interment at Garfield cemetery.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, Aug. 7, 1947, Rae's Roamings:Took a trip to the rural area and visited the Donald L. Barkman family. They were recently in the running for the "Typical Farm Family" conducted for the Illinois State Fair at Springfield which starts tomorrow and continues through the 17th. The Barkmans live at Neillwood and run the farm for the MacNeill family. This is located on the road west of Route 31. Actually it is four miles northwest of St. Charles and can be reached by turning at the first crossroad. Rae caught Mr. Barkman building a two and a half mile fence on the property to help keep the 60 head of registered feed cattle in the allotted space. His three young daughters were watching with interest at the steel fence posts as the were being forced into the ground with a great pressure machine. These included Carol Ann, 6, who attends Abraham Lincoln School in St. Charles, Janice, 5, and Barbara, 3. Mrs. Barkman was busy at the house taking care of the twins Donald and Ronald, 15 months old. They were awarded gifts when born at Delnor hospital as are all sets of twins by the Women's Auxiliary. There are actually 406 acres of land on the Neillwood farm which is planted with corn, oats, and hay although much of it was put in late because of the rainy Spring. Barkman reported, "We were over a month behind schedule in getting the grain in this year." With help from farm hands, Kahl Kinney and Bob Hinchee, he worked straight through one weekend from Friday to Tuesday to get the crops in. They don't mind this hot weather as things will grow and harvesting is already underway. They all hope the fire bug is through with that farm as silos and feed have burned three times, the first on Aug. 2, 1930, again in 1939 and in 1940.


St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) June 3, 1948. Victor Nelson Flies to 80-Year Old Mother in Sweden. Victor E. Nelson, 904 S. Sixth ave., will sail for Sweden tomorrow aboard the Scandinavia Air Lines from New York. He is planning on visiting his mother, who recently celebrated her 89th birthday at Sommen, Smoland, three sisters and one brother. He has reservations to fly back on August 4, spending two months in his native land which he has not seen for 35 years. He left Monday for New York, where he visited with his daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Anderson (Gladys). Several farewell parties were held for him before his departure. Eighteen friends had a party Saturday evening, a group from Sycamore were present on Sunday and on Monday Chicago friends arrived including Mr. and Mrs. Albin Anderson.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinos) Chronicle, April 1, 1948. Voice of the Fan. Question: What is your favorite sport? Einar Tolf, Express, Chicago: "I enjoy watching the softball games at Pottawatomie about as much as anything. Of course I play a little golf too. I'd enjoy a match with the 'Golfing" Cop or 'Sand Trap' Nieman if you can arrange it."

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinos) Chronicle, April 1, 1948. The City by Nite ... Rumor persists that Earl Logan, manager of the Arcada theatre, is trying to book St. Charles' own "Six Dancing Darling," namely Cort Nieman, Chet Bolcum, Joe Anderson, Frank Claeys, Roy Peterson and Art Anderson, in the Chicagoland vaudeville circuit after their sparkling performance at the C. of C. Farm dinner.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinos) Chronicle, April 1, 1948. The City by Nite … Frank Coppert has a new scoreboard ready for the softball diamond.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinos) Chronicle, April 1, 1948. Rae's Roamings. This is an excerpt from a long letter from Mary Wright Bowne of Big Fork, Minn., remembering street car conductors of old, including Jess Banker. "Another time, the one o'clock car was really traveling  through, with loud blasts issuing from the speeding car. Mr. Cellars (I guess that is how you spell his name) was really hanging on the cord, with Banker on the controls. We found out why -- a fisherman who had been fishing from the trestle tried to run down the tracks to reach solid ground and had fallen in front of the street car and was hit. The two in charge picked him up and took him down to the former St. Charles Hospital without picking up any passengers along the way."


St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, Feb. 24, 1949, Socially Speaking. First Birthday Party.Susan Cooper, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cooper, celebrated her first birthday Wed. at the home of her maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Fellows.Guests including Mrs. Beverly Bell and son Ricky, Mrs. Phyllis Davis and daughter Diana, and Mrs. Clela Hohberger and sons Clive and Todd. Ice cream and birthday cake was served and Susan was presented many gifts. Pictures of the groups were taken by the child's aunt, Mrs. Hohberger.


St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, May 24, 1950. Obituary. Howard M. Saure, 1230 1/2 Elm st., died suddenly Thursday at Hines Veterans Hospital after a heart attack suffered while driving his car. He was 49. Mr. Saure and his family came to St.Charles from Michigan two years ago. He was born Aug. 26, 1900 in Mildmay, Ontario, Canada. He served with the U.S.Army for 23 years, both in the United States and was retired as a major.  At the time of his death, he was employed as a sales representative of a pharmaceutical concern. Survivors include his widow, Genevieve and a daughter, Judy, both of St. Charles; four brothers and five sisters in Canada and a brother in Detroit, Mich.Funeral services were held Monday morning at the Skoglund Chapel in Geneva. Interment will take place Thursday in Arlington National Cemetery, Alexandria, Va.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, May 31, 1950. Choice Television Spots Earned by Two Local People. Two former St. Charles people who have made their mark in the entertainment world appeared on TV programs last week. Last Friday night, Lester Oman of Elgin, the son of Mr. and Mrs.Charles Oman, 1029 Elm st., appeared with his puppet act on the Jim Moran TV show in Chicago. Lester, who is now engaged in night club work in Chicago, has appeared all over the U.S. with his puppets, and went overseas with them during the war, to entertain troops. Included in his TV act Friday was "Sam," the original puppet with which he launched his career, 15 years ago. "Sam" was manufactured by Lester and by Louis Thompson in the old post office building, where McCornack's store is now located. Thompson now lives in Geneva.
St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, July 26, 1950. Out Wasco Way. Great credit is given to Dennis McKay for saving the life of Peter Bohr, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bohr, who narrowly escaped drowning Sunday at Ferson's Creek, A group of boys with Dennis and Peter had gone swimming when a current swept Peter under. Dennis heard his cry and jumped in and puled him to safety.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, July 26, 1950. Three Koop Children Figure In Auto Mishap. Three children of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Koop of 1103 W. Main st. and their four-year-old cousin, Terry Lally, who is visiting here from Chicago, were taken to Delnor hospital Sunday afternoon for treatment of injuries sustained in an auto accident at the intersection of Fifth and Walnut sts. The car was driven by Edward M. Lally, of 7213 N. Wolcott ave., Chicago, a relative of the Koops who was on his way to a neighborhood store to get bread, was traveling west on Walnut st and the car driven by Marc Cleworth, Elgin, traveling south on Fifth st. collided at the intersection Upon the arrival of Patrolman Arthur Johnson, the Lally car was tipped over on its left side in the southwest section of the intersection facing southwest. The whole front end of Cleworth's car was damaged and the right front rear doors and the left side of the Lally car were damaged. Most seriously injured of the children was four-year-old Terr who was treated at Delnor for a deep gash in her left. Kandyce Koop, 6, received bruises on the mouth, cheek and shoulders and Tracy Koop was released after he was checked for a bump on his head. Valerie Koop sustained a minor ankle injury. Lally received minor bruises and Cleworth was uninjured.


St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, Dec. 12,1951, Around the Town ... Mrs. Ethel Henningson , 15 So. Fourth ave., is convalescing at her home after suffering a heart attack Monday at Simon's store where she is employed.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, Dec. 27, 1951, Obituary. Herman J. Schmidt, 67, of 801 S. Sixth ave., died yesterday morning at his work at the Pneumatic Tool Co., Aurora, following a heart attack. Born in Chicago Aug 12, 1884, he had resided in this community for many years. He is survived by his widow, Myrtle; two daughters, Mrs. Gladys Piper of Rock Island and Mrs. Thelma Torroco of Melrose Park; two sons, Lloyd and Donald of St. Charles; eight grandchildren and five great grandchildren; five sisters, Mrs. Paul Wall of Chicago, Mrs. Ida Klub of Berwyn, Mrs. John Nelson, Mrs. Oscar Borman and Miss Edna Exner of St. Charles; and one brother, William, also of St. Charles. Funeral services will be held at 2:30 p.m. Saturday at the Russell Norris funeral chapel. Burial will be in Union cemetery. Friends may call Friday afternoon and evening.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, Dec. 27, 1951, Obituary. Walter Whelan of Fergis Falls, Minn., father of Mrs. Thomas O. Lester of Lansing, Mich., a former St. Charles resident, died at the Millhurst Nursing Home in Plano, Ill. on Wednesday, Dec. 19. He leaves, besides his daughter, a widow, Mrs. Anna Whelan of Fergis Falls; a son, Ervin of Joliet, Ill.; a brother, Charles of Santa Monica, Calif. and three sisters, Clara Day of Duluth, Minn., Elizabeth McWilliams of Chicago and Minnie Ferris of Waudena, Minn. The remains were shipped from the Yurs Funeral Home to Fergis Falls for burial services.


St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, April 20, 1955. Obituary. Louis Matteson, 79, of Elgin, a former resident of this city, died Friday at the Helenhurst rest home, Plato Center. He was born March 15, 1875, in St. Charles, and married Lydia Anderson, sister of C.A. Anderson of Pinelands, on April 25, 1900. He worked for the Borden Milk Co. as superintendent for 35 years in St. Charles, Elgin and other midwestern cities. He retired in 1941 and has lived in Elgin since. Surviving are his widow, Lydia; three daughters, Mrs. Kendall White of Elgin, Mrs. Merrill Calame of Elgin, and Mrs. Woodrow Boeke of Midland, Mich.' five grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by five brothers, Harry, Ray, Ralph, William and Frank. Services ere Monday afternoon from the Larson chapel, the Rev. Jessie Peirce of the Congregational church, Elgin, officiating. Burial was in North cemetery.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, April 20, 1955. Service Notes. A/2c George W. Murphy, son of the George D. Murphys, 806 Riverside rd., is home on 30 days leave after being stationed in Alaska for nine months. He will return to Alaska upon expiration of his leave.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, April 20, 1955. Obituary. Mrs. Glen Carey. St. Charles friends were saddened yesterday at news of the untimely death of Mrs. Glen Carey, the former Jean Proudfit of St. Charles, which occurred at her home in Walled Lake, Mich. Mrs. Carey's death was attributed to a lingering illness. A graduate of St. Charles Community high school, Mrs. Carey attended Northern Illinois State Teachers college at DeKalb. For a while before her marriage, she taught at Evan Shelby school.Besides her husband, she leaves two children, a daughter, Sally and a son, Billy; four sisters, Mrs. Dwight Jennings and Mrs. Glen Hanmer of St. Charles, Mrs. Wellington Coe of Walled Lake and Mrs. Maynard Harrington of Harlingen, Texas. Services will be held in Walled Lake, Mich., Friday afternoon at 1:30 p.m.


St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, July 5, 1962. Obituary. Services Held for Tully Deaton, 62. Tully Deaton, 62 years old of Rt. 1, St. Charles, passed away Friday evening at Delnor Hospital after a brief illness. He was born May 2, 1900 in Middletown, Ill., and had been employed at St. Charles Training school for 14 years. He was a member of Baker Memorial Methodist church of St. Charles, of the Masonic Lodge of Springfield, Illinois, the St. Charles Toastmaster's Club. He is survived by his wife, Julia and one daughter, Mrs. Phillip (Rose Ann) Weber of St. Charles, two grand-children, one brother, Homer, of Mohamet, Illinois, five sisters, Mrs. Betty Durney of Sun City, Arizona, Mrs. Doris Maring of Kansas City, Miss Louise Deaton, Mrs. Murine Attora, Mrs. Ina Bailou of Springfield, Ill. Burial was at River Hills Memorial Park in Batavia.

St. Charles (Kane County, Illinois) Chronicle, April 25, 1962. Obituary. Beatrice Cowherd Dies In Sleep: Buried Today. Funeral services were held at 1:30 p.m. today (Wednesday) From Yurs funeral home for Mrs. Beatrice L. Cowherd, 62, of 314 Moody st St. Charles. She was found Sunday morning, April 22, by her daughter, who called to escort her to church, apparently having died in her sleep.Death was ruled as natural causes, as she had been under treatment for a heart condition for some time. She was a member of the Royal Neighbors of America, Central City Rebekah lodge 368, Delnor hospital auxiliary and the Valley Golden Agers, all of St. Charles.  Born Nov. 17, 1898 in Devonshire, England, she came to the United States at the age of six and to St. Charles 37 years ago. Her survivors include four daughters, Mrs. Margaret Myers of St. Charles; Mrs. Anna May Jump of Plano; Mrs. Edith Geske of Plato Center and Mrs. Mary McClain of Searchlight, Nev.; two sons, John J. of Durand and Staff Sgt. William H. of Lake Charles, La., and 15 grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband, Richard, in August 1961.  Burial was in Kaneville cemetery, Kaneville.

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