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15 Jul 1881 Valley Chronicle Name Index

This index of prominent citizens, advertisers and story subjects was contributed from a transcription of the newspaper. The newspaper is available on microfilm at the St. Charles Public Library. The donor has asked to remain anonymous.

Township Officers
Miller, Chas. A. - supervisor
Ross, G. F. - clerk
Goodell, Joel - assessor
Clark, Jos. - township collector
Clark, H. M. -justice
Elliott, John F. - justice
Nichols, A. J. - constable
Sill, Geo. N. - constable
Matteson, Wm. M. - highway commissioner
Alcott, J. B. - highway commissioner
Adams, S. L. - highway commissioner
Rockwell, H. T. - school trustee
Colton, M. W. - school trustee
Baker, Ed. - school trustee
City Government
Hunt, F. B. - mayor
Durant, Sam'l - clerk
Ross, Geo. F. - attorney
Glos, H. A. - treasurer
Lake, C. A. - marshal
Clark, H. M. - first ward
Brownell, E. A. - first ward
Trumbull, John P. - second ward
Marsden, Thomas - second ward
Haslehurst, Henry B. - third ward
Ferson, George - third ward
Churches - pastors
Bary, Emil B. - Baptist
Zara, M. - Catholic
Belt, S. D. - Congregational
Kent, Frank - Free Methodist
Searl, S. - Meth. Episcopal
Secret Orders:
Unity Lodge, No. 48, A. F. and A. M.
Rockwell, H. T. - W.M.
Clark, H. M. - secretary
St. Charles Lodge, No. 14, I. O. O. F.
Morse, Levi - N. G.
Adams, S. L. - Sec'y
Waubonsie Encampment, No. 13, I. O. O. F.
O'Brien, J. - C.P.
Bowman, F. H. - scribe

St. Charles Cornet Band
Ferson, John H. - president
Colson, J. F. - secretary
Doherty, James - treasurer
Anderson, Albert - leader
Jennings, R. B. - assistant leader
The band consists of twenty pieces.

Adams, S. L. - staple and fancy groceries
Anderson, C. A. - corner store, West Main Street
Alexander, F. W. - contractor and builder, Second Street, south of livery stable
Baird, J. C. - banking, east side, St. Charles
Barry, A. H. - Botsford, Barry & Russell, attorneys and counselors at law
Bishop, Wm. H. - M.D., office at residence, west Second street, two blocks south of Main
Botsford, R. N. - Botsford, Barry & Russell, attorneys and counselors at law
Bowman, F. H. - Hardware, West Side, St. Charles
Crawford, H. M. - M.D., office at residence, north of park, east St. Charles
Culverson, William - livery, one door west from the Mallory House
Curtis, T. M. - new wagon shop
Elliott, John F. - justice of the peace and collecting agent
Furnald, J. P. - merchant tailoring
Gould, C. W. - creamery butter, Elgin
Harroun, Horace - groceries
Hinman, A. W. - M.D., office in Dearborn's block, west side, St. Charles
Lloyd, W. B. - The Little Store Around the Corner
McWilliams, D. Jr. - Harness, saddles and collars, West Main Street
Moore, D. B. - blacksmith, West Second Street, north of Main
Osgood, George W. - groceries, crockery and wallpaper
Parker, J. W. - dealer in furniture and agricultural implements
Richmond, James F. Capt. - visits from Chicago
Rockwell, Henry T. - fire and life insurance
Roche, N. T. - coal seller
Russell, J. A. - Botsford, Barry & Russell, attorneys & counselors at law, office, rms 1 & 2, Barker's block
Ryan, T. E. - attorney at law, office on west side, St. Charles
Sayles, Mrs. A. - millinery store, one door east of Dr. DeWolf's drug store
Sill, Robert T. Dr. - visits from Chicago
Van Patten, J. S. - The Pioneer Drug Store
Ward, L. C. - boots, shoes, slippers
Zabriski, D. L. - drugs

News articles:
Adams, S. L. - hosted party
Alexander, Frank - work on home
Alexander, Frank Jr. - completing work on Samuel Brown house
Almy, Edward B. - killed at Cortland
Baird, C. W. - home being repaired
Baird, William - now in Paris
Balldridge, M. M. - home once had strawberry patch
Ballou, W. P. - YMCA organized at DeKalb
Barry, Hon. W. D. - give speech at Blackberry
Bartlett, S. P. - Quincy fish commissioner sends fish
Bary, E. B. Rev. - helps family of drowning victim
Bassett, A. J. - resigns at Geneva station agent
Belt, S. D. Rev. - preached a stirring sermon
Bowers, Rudolph - opens a photo gallery
Bowman, C. S. - owns Eaton home
Bowman, Edward H. - graduate from Michigan University
Bradshaw, S. P. - DeKalb soap factory demolished by lightning
Braunhold, Louis - artist visiting St. Charles
Brown, John A. - repairing his house
Brown, Samuel - additional drowning
Brown, Samuel - additional on aid to family
Brown, Samuel - drowns
Burling, J. H. - supervising repairs to a home
Colton, M. W. - grove is site of Sunday school
Crawford, Dr. - attends to farm accident victim
Crawford, S. K. - visits from Benton County, Mo
Davidson, C. H. - visited from Minn.; son-in-law of James Wheeler
DeMarbelle, Dion - whilom teacher
DePew, Chauncey M. - withdraws from Senate race
DeWolf, Dr. - tends to farm accident victim
Dearborn, Lydia - attending Indiana school
Dewey, John F. - spoke at camp meeting
Durant, James T. - repairing his home
Eaton, Ithiel - apples hung over his fence
Ferson, John - hired man ill
Ferson, John - tells tall tale
Flannery, Michael - improving
Fowler, Eugene K. - hit by grape shot at Vicksburg
Furnald, J. P. - repairing his roof
Gallagher, J. T. - raises money for drowning victim's family
Goodhue, Mrs. David - visited from Roscoe, Ill. with daughter Mrs. Barnes
Gould, Mrs. C. W. - ill for some time
Griscom, (?) - goes on a fast
Hammond, Phebe Mrs. - host at M.E. social
Huls, Mrs. S. B. - is ill
Johnson, Frank - new landlord of Blackberry hotel
Joy, Olin C. - returned from Grand Junction, Iowa
Kayner, D. P. - letter from Antelope Springs, Colo.
Kayner, Theodore D. - visits for a vacation
Lewis, Clark - band goes to his home
Lloyd, J. N. - in business in restaurant and boarding house
Lungreen, Charles - sprained his ankle
Marvin, boy - Aurora boy found in Chicago
McDole, S. P. - fish commissioner receives fish
Meredith, Thomas - pitcher for Batavia base ball club
Metcalf, Lois - attending Indiana school
Miller, Charles A. - elected chairman of board of supervisors
Morgan, A. D. - ice cream goes astray
Nichols, A. J. - hurt on farm
Osgood, W. F. - repairs on his house
Osgood, W. F. - severe attack of bilious colic
Parker, Etta Miss - attends Chicago art school
Perkins, John - farm hand in accident
Pettingill, J. C. - had strawberry patch
Pierson, T. F. - best place to buy groceries
Powers, Wesley - has hemerrhoids
Roberts, boy - Aurora boy killed
Rolph, Prof. - St. Charles artist
Scheutze, Fred - damage to hay crop
Sill, Henry - started career as painter
Storrs, Emery A. - delivered address in Michigan
Swift, John - died suddenly near Carpentersville
Tyrell, Webb - organized Y MCA at DeKalb
Vaughn, Nancy - turned 110
Veeder, Theo. - visited from Chicago
Webb, John - on hand for band visit to Batavia
Wheeler, James T. - son-in-law Davidson visits from Minn.
Wheeler, T. A. Mrs. - daughter married Mr. Joy
Whilden, Edward - Big Rock township settler died
Wilson, Dr. - appointed to state board of dental examiners

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