Elgin Gazette, Tuesday, Feb 11, 1869

This transcript of the newspaper was donated by Janet Pearson. Janet transcribed these entries and notes that many of the names contained herein can be linked to the Sexton records from Channing Cemetery in Elgin. Sexton listings from Channing Cemetery can be found on the Elgin Genealogical Society website concerning Channing Cemetery. The likely matching records are indicated with a '+' before the name. Additional information may be obtained from past issues of the quarterly magazine of the Kane County Genealogical Society. Janet notes that her transcription is exactly as presented in the newspaper, even when she was aware that spelling was incorrect.

Report of the Chairman of the Board of Health.

EDS. GAZETTE--Allow me to give you a list of the number of deaths within the limits of the city from June 1st, 1868, to Jan. 1st, 1869, with the cause of death, name age and nationality of the individual as reported by the attending physisian, also the whole number of interments in the cemetery during same time, the last of which will show that many there are who are interred in the cemetery who have not lived or died within the limits of the city of Elgin:
+Philip TOWNSEND ward 2, died June 24, 1868, aged 57 years, abcess lung, American.
Lettie WHITMORE ward 3, died July 10, aged 10 (or 16) years, cerebral meningotis, American.
+Mary Jane MURPHY ward 4, died July 10, aged 11 years, ascites, New Brunswick.
+Josephine YOUNG ward 1, died July 25, aged 8 months, hooping cough, American.
+William CONNER ward 3, died July 27, aged 18 years, congestive fever, American.
+Wm. CONNOR ward 8, died July 27, aged 19 years, congestion of the brain, American.
+Frankie E. STONE ward 4, died July 29, aged 18 months, convulsions, American.
+Adolphus LOSS ward 4, died July 29, aged 9 months, congestion of brain, German.
Lorenzo GORDEN ward 4, died August 1, aged 7 months, diarrhea, american.
Elenora SCHROEDER ward 1, died Aug 21, aged 2 years, cerebral meningotis, American.
Charlie S. COLE ward 4, died August 4, aged 5 years, hydrocephalus, American.
Emma McVICKER (hard to read last name) ward 3, died August 15, aged 15 months, convulsions, American.
Infant child of Chas. WRIGHT ward 2, died August 16, stillborn, American.
A. McCORMICK ward 3, died August 24, aged 6 weeks, consumption, American.
Frank W. GILBERT ward 3, died August 31, aged 7 months, cholera infantum, American.
Mrs. FRASER ward 3, died August 31,aged 65 years, congestive chill, American.
Emma DANIELS ward 2, died Sept 3, aged 4 months, hooping cough, American.
Nicholas SCHOONHOVEN ward 1, died Sept. 9, aged 68 years, conjestion of the brain, American.
Matilda M. SMITH ward 2, died Sept 17, aged 10 years, malignant typhoid fever, Swede.
Oscar L. SMITH ward 2, died August 18, aged 7 years, malignent typhoid fever, Swede.
Afai(?) SMITH ward 2, died Sept 20, aged 4 years, malignant typhoid fever, Swede.
Mrs. E. LITTLE ward 3, died August 22d, aged 41 years, abcess of the lungs, american.
+Albert W. KIRKLAND ward 2, died Sept 24, aged 9 months, inflammation of the bowels, American.
+Barb SHORT ward 3, died Sept. 27, aged 7 months, convulsions, American.
A.J. JOSLYN ward 2, died Oct. 9, aged 49 years, subacute gastritis, American.
Mrs. A.A. HILL ward 3, died Oct 12, aged 59 years, subacute gastritis with ether visceral disease, American.
+Charles MERRITT ward 2, died Nov 12, aged 50 years, inflammation of spleen and liver caused by contusion, American.
Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. TEWKSBURY ward 2, died Nov 22, aged 6 hours, lack of vitality, American.
+John MAUD ward 2, died Nov 27, aged 52 years, inflammation of liver, English.
George JOHNSON ward -, died Nov 27, aged 2 years, congestion of brain, American.
Elenora SCHROEDER ward -, died Nov 27, aged 7 months, hydrocephalus, German.
Margaret DANNER ward 1, Nov 20, aged 11 years, pneumonia, German.
Mrs. M.S. BARTLETT ward 4, died Dec 2, aged 27 years, valvular disease heart. American.
Mrs. T. ADAMS ward 2, died Dec 22, aged about 45 years, epilepsy, supposed Irish.
Mrs. __C. ADATHS (?) ward 3, died Dec 22, aged 61 years, consumption, American.
Mrs. Ann SAUNDERS ward 1, died Dec 29, aged 68 years, fits, English.
Andrew TANSIL ward 0, died Aug 26, aged 9 months, American.
Addie A.C. OBLEGE ward -, died Aug 24, aged 2 years.
Frank A. SCHROEDER ward -, died Nov 25, aged 7 months, American.
+Catherine WARD ward -, died July 22, aged 10 days, American.
Augusta FRINIA ward -, died Aug 18, aged 6 months, American.
Eugine A.C. MACH ward -, died Sept. 1, aged 4 months, American.
Henry S. LITTLE ward -, Oct 5, aged 28 days, American.
ELLSWORTH infant daughter of ward -, died Oct 10, aged 1 day, American.
Jennie G. ELLSWORTH ward -, died Oct 13, aged 3 days, American.
Mrs. Mary A. JOSLYN ward -, died Nov 6, aged 41 years.
HADLOCK infant of ward -, died Nov. 10, American.
William S. KING ward -, died Nov 19, aged 1 1/2 months, American.
+Bridget CAVENAUGH Clintonville, died June 18 (or 13), aged 37 years.
Twins of Patrick BURK Hanover, died July 7, American.
Daniel SCHENGE Barrington, died July 13, aged 30 years.
Mary J. MORSE Council Bluffs, died Aug 10, aged 24 years.
George STUMPF infant of Hanover, died Aug 13, American.
John KEATING, infant St. Charles, died Aug 23, American.
J.M. TREADWELL child of Elgin, died Aug 29, aged 7 months, American.
John MILES infant of Dundee, died Sept. 10, aged 7 days, American.
Henry YANEKA (OR YANEKS) Hanover, died Sept 11, aged 8 months, American.
Wm. O. SCUTHUM Hanover, died Sept 11, aged 8 months, American.
Isabell S. SHOPE Hanover, died Oct. 20, aged 2 years.
Frederick BURMAN Hanover, died Oct 11, aged 57 years.
George DOUGLASS Elgin, died Nov _7, aged 62 years, American.
Eddie TAFT Hanover, died Nov. 27, aged 1 month, American.
Bridget McCORMICK Elgin, died Dec 19, aged 37 years.

It will be seen by reference to the City Sexton's books that he has not as many names by two as is here reported, --those were undoubtedly interred outside of the city, consequently would not be on his books. The whole number of deaths within the city for the seven months prior to Jan 1st, 1869, is 48. The number intererred in the cemetery who died in the county, is 15, making the whole number of interments in the cemetery for the 7 months, 61, leaving 2 to be interred elsewhere. In the above I have given names, dates, and disease as reported by the attending physician so far as been reported to me; the balance is left blank.

Joseph Tefft
Ch'n. Board of Health
Elgin Feb. 1st 1869

Names of Soldiers Interred in the Cemetery at Elgin, Ill., During, and Since, the Rebellion.
(continued from last week)

son of Persons C. Gilbert and wife Louisa (Tefft) was born in Elgin, Ill., Aug. 20, 1841. Private in Co, A, 7th Ill. Inf. vol. Died at Cairo, Alexandria Co, Ill, Feb. 4, 1862, of lung fever, aged 20 years, 5 months and 14 days --- Farmer. His parents were among the first settlers of Elgin, where they now reside. Buried on lot 16 in block 3. Head of grave is on the west line and 12 1/2 feet from north line of lot.

son of Silas Gates and wife Mary (____) was born in Ithaca, Thompkins Co., N.Y., June 14, 1846. Private in Co. D. 19th Ill. Inf. vol. Died of typhoid fever at Camp Jefferson, Bacon Creek, KY., Jan 23, 1862, aged 15 years, 7 months and 9 days. Buried on lot 28 in block 20. Head of grave is 2 feet from west line and 13 feet from north line of lot. His parents reside in Elgin.

son of John Haugh and wife Bridget (McKee) was born in Lisdeen Co. Clare, Ireland. Date of birth unknown here. Was 1st Sergeant in Co. A, 58th Regt. Ill. Inf Verteran vol. Died at his mother's residence in Elgin, of consumptions, Jan 9, 1868, aged about 24 years. Buried on lot 27 in block 19. Head of grave is 11 1/2 feet from west line and 2 feet from south line of lot. Laborer.

son of John W. Hoagland and wife Charlotte (Burritt) was born in Hanover, Cook Co., Ill. Was a private in Co. K, 52d Regt Ill Inf vol. Died at Shiloh, Gibson Co, Tenn, of wounds, April 30, 1862, aged 16 years 11 months and 5 days. Buried on lot 19 in block 2. Head of grave is 1 foot from west line and 27 feet from south line of lot. His father resides in this city.

son of Robert Hewitt and wife Catherine (Strope), was born in Geneva, Cayuga co., N.Y., Sept 26, 1818. Paymaster of U.S. volunteers with rank of Major.-- Lawyer. Died of Chronic Diarrhoea in New York, N.Y. Oct 20, 1862, aged 44 years and 24 days. Buried on lot 5 in block 2 of Jas. H. & Fulton Giffords Addition to Elgin Cemetery. Head of grave is on the west line and 9 feet from north line of lot. His mother, a widow, resides in this city.

son of Abram Hoagland and wife Amelie A. (Northrup) was born in Medina, Orleans Co, N.Y. Aug. 7, 1839. Served as private in Co C, 127th Regt Ill Inf vol, died of Typhoid Malaria Fever at Military Hospital, Keokuk, Lee Co, Iowa, Jan 22, 1863, aged 23 years 5 months and 15 days. Buried on lot 4 in block 20. Head of grave is 3 feet from west line and 39 feet from north line of lot. His parents are residents of this city.

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This ends the transcription submitted by Janet Pearson. Thank you, Janet!!

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