Aurora Relief Corps

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Wives, mothers, daughters and sisters of the soldiers, sailors and marines of the Late Rebellion. Society was organized July 15, 1884.
History Of Kane Co., Ill volume I, page 648

Past Presidents:
Clara Harral
Rebecca Lewis
Myra K Stolp
Cynthia Woodard
Florence V. Poole
Hattie Vaughn
Rae Parr Logan
Mae Lincoln
Amelia Bartholomew
Millie Phillips
Ella A Scragg
Lizzie Hubbard
Mary p. Gale
J.May Ricker
Anna C Reilein
Eva Windett
Rose Johnson
Elizabeth Kapferer
Mable Clark

Abbott, PE
Allen, Naomi
Allison, Anna
Atchison, Rena
Atherton Addie
Athow Mary
Avery Naomi
Bartholomew A
Bacon, Ida
Bain Ida
Bates Antoinetta
Battles Minnei
Barnes Letitia
Bexon, Temperance
Bell Rose
Ball, Sophia
Beck CE
Beck Hattie
Berry LG
Berscheidt Gertrude
Bent Lizzie
Bigger Louise
Blackstone, Myrtle
Blair Emma
Bowditch Sarah
Bowron Clara
Blakley Emma
Bronson Delia
Bristol Mary
Britz Mary
Bullis Anna
Bedford Mary
Case, Alida
Castaline Jennie
Castler Rae
Cassem maggie
Clark Emma
Clark Mabel
Clapp Eliza
Chambers Alice
Carnes Emma
Chapman Emma
Cole Jennie
Conant Mary
Conant Gertrude
Cook Ester
Courtright L
Colliver Althia
Cowdry Lizzie
Crittenden LA
Culp Julia
Crane CM
Corlett Sarah
Denney Mary
Dodds Mary
Drake Orphia
Downs Elizabeth
Duncan Linnetta
Durant Eunice
Durant Lucy
Dwyer Mary
Ebersoll Maggie
Eberly Mae
Eby Florence
Eastwood Emily
Eardley Jennie
Ellsworth Emma
Erickson Nellie
Farnsworth Jessie
Fish Mary
Foster Ada
Foster Fannie
Frances Ella
Gale Mary P
Garrey Emma
Geyer Carrie
Geyer Marie
Gillispie Ella
Gillette Hattie
Goodale Lida
Goldsmith Emma
Goodsell Amelia
Green Jessie
Green Henrietta
Gregory Emily
Gray Cora
Gould Alice
Harral Clara
Hawley Mary
Hammond Eliza
Hanson Anna
Haner Mattie
Hanson lucy
Hamilton alice
Hartman Kate
Hayford Jennie
Houze Lydia
Harris Addie
Heckman Carrie
Henderson Fannie
Herrin MA
Hellgren Helen
Healy Libbie
Healy Jennie
Hinckley Mary
Holmes Carrie
Hudson Alice
Hughes Lavina
Hubbard Lizzie
Hubbard Mahala
Halkyard Alice
Hubbard Maud
Hubbard Laura
Iliff Sadie
Ingham Elizabeth
Jamieson Mattie
Jackson Ada
James Emma
Judd Sarah
Johnson Carrie
Kapferer Elizabeth
Kelley Anna
Kennedy Mary
Killian Louisa
King Harriet
Knapp Ella
Knight Mary
Knight Euty
Kuter Amanda
Lake, Me
Lackner Emma
Lannigan Jane
Lee Jennie
Lee Ida
Lewis Rebecca
Lewis Stella
Lincoln Hannah
Lincoln Mary
Logan Roe
Lossing mary

Long Mary
Love Ella
Mason Emma
Mahaffey Flora
Megher Emma
Meredith Eliza
Mileham Anna
Miller, Nellie
McLaughlin Carrie
McConahy Emma
Moses Cora
Mombleau Sarah
Miller Maggie
Newhall Caroline
Ochsenschlager K
Olds Mary
O’Meara Helen
Olhaver Alice
Parmalee Agnes
Pease Helen
Palmer Emily
Parker Margerite
Parker Malinda
Peet Celinda
Perry CR
Phillips Millie
Plummer Matie
Pfrangle Sadie
Raymond Kate
Raymond Sophia
Raymond Frances
Reilein Anna
Reilein Julia
Reid Minnie
Ricker J May
Riddle Jennie
Riser Mary
Rolfe Maud
Robertson Anna
Rosbeck Anna
Rosencrans Maggie
Ruddy Anna
Ruddy Nettie
Rukgarber Lue
Solomons Stella
Scragg Ella
Scragg Daisy
Schoeberlein Mary
Scott Margaret
Scharschag Amelia
Segar Mary
Shepherd Mary
Shields Marion
Shornden Minnie
Shoger Mary
Shambo Elida
Stolp Myra
Smith Winnie
Smith CV
Smith Huntoon
Smith Laura
Smeley Laura
Solfisberg Maranda
Speir Margaret
Slater Catherine
Stebbins Maria
Stevens Jessie
Stedman Catherine
Stickles anna
Swartz Mamie
Sylvester Celinda
Tanner Elizabeth
Tanner Anna
Tarble Elizabeth
Thompson Ep
Trapp Emma
Trauten Hope
Trahy Sadie
True Minnie
Tyres Sophia
Thomas Hattie
Vaughn Hattie
VanSickle Anna
VanVlack Edna
Virchow Bertha
Virchow Nellie
Ward Anna
Ward Alice
Walker Mary
Welch Mary
Welch LuLu
White Mary
White Lavina
White Grace
White Ellen J
Westmark Emma
Westover maggie
Wideman Anna
Wilcox Minnie
Wilder Flora
Winchell Mary
Woodard Cinthia
Woodruff Helen
Worthington Effie
Wormley Ida
Wormley Libbie
Wollong Effie
Wormley Anna
Yager Maggie
Young Lottie
Youker Mary
Zimmers Emeline

Transcribed and contributed by Cynthia Nelson on 17 Feb 2002.

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