Churches in Elgin from identified sources

Compiled from City Directories and the 1908 History of the county, this listing of churches may help you identify the church an ancestor may have attended. This list was compiled and generously donated by Janet Pearson and indicates the year of mention and any details available of various churches in Elgin. Please note, some churches appear in multiple years even though they may have been in continuous operation.

1836First Congregational ChurchCongretational1908 History
1836Methodist Episcopal ChurchMethodist1908 History
1845Catholic ChurchCatholic1908 History
1847-48Universalist ChurchUniversalist1908 History
1853Presbyterian ChurchPresbyterian1908 History
1855German Evangelical ChurchEvangelical1908 History
1859Lutheran ChurchLutheran1908 History, St. John's congregation, German
1862Second Baptist ChurchBaptist1908 History
1870Swedish Evangelical ChurchEvangelical1908 History
1875Episcopal ChurchEpiscopal1908 History
1875Free Methodist ChurchMethodist1908 History
1875-6Church of the RedeemerEpiscopalElgin City Directory, Held at Odd Fellow's Hall, Bruckman's block, Rev French
1875-6CongregationalCongregationalElgin City Directory, Northwest corner Center and Fulton Streets, Rev Dickinson
1875-6First BaptistBaptistElgin City Directory, Northwest corner Chicago and Geveva streets, Rev Woodruff
1875-6Free MethodistMethodistElgin City Directory, East side Center street, between DuPage and Fulton streets, Rev Parks
1875-6German EvangelicalEvangelicalElgin City Directory, Southeast corner Center and Milwaukee streets, Rev Busse
1875-6German LutheranLutheranElgin City Directory, Northeast corner Spring and Division streets, Rev Richmann
1875-6Methodist EpiscopalMethodistElgin City Directory, Northwest corner Center and Milwaukee streets, Rev Dandy
1875-6PresbyterianPresbyterianElgin City Directory, West side Center Street, between Chicago and DuPage streets, Rev Boyd
1875-6Roman CatholicRoman CatholicElgin City Directory, Southeast corner Gifford and Fulton streets, Rev Fitzsimmons
1875-6Second BaptistBaptistElgin City Directory, West side Dundee road, between Kimball and Franklin streets
1875-6Swedish LutheranLutheranElgin City Directory, West side of center street, between Dexter avenue and Division street, Rev Ramseen(?)
1875-6UniversalistUniversalistElgin City Directory, Southeast corner DuPage and Center streets, Rev Balch
1877St. Joseph German Catholic ChurchCatholic1908 History
1894-5Apostolic ChristianApostolic ChristianElgin City Directory, German, south side of Lillie street west of North Liberty, Schambach and Spiess preachers
1894-5First Baptist churchBaptistElgin City Directory, corner of Chicago and Geneva streets, Rev Walter
1894-5Brook Street missionBaptistElgin City Directory, Kimball, superintendent
1894-5Everett missionBaptistElgin City Directory,Allen, superintendent
1894-5Immanuel Baptist churchBaptistElgin City Directory, corner of Grace and Bent streets. Rev. Osborn
1894-5Second Baptist churchBaptistElgin City Directory, Colored, corner of Dundee avenue and Kimball street, Rev. Griswold
1894-5First Congregational churchCongregationalElgin City Directory, , corner Chicago and Center streets. Rev Selden
1894-5Prospect Street Congregational churchCongregationalElgin City Directory, 377 Prospect boulevard. Rev Rood
1894-5Church of ChristDisciplesElgin City Directory, Highland avenue near Hamilton street. Rev Hayden
1894-5Church of the RedeemerEpiscopalianElgin City Directory, southwest corner of Center and Milwaukee streets. Rev Clark
1894-5St. Paul Evangelical churchEvangelicalElgin City Directory, Rev. Haas
1894-5Swedish Evangelical Emanuel churchEvangelicalElgin City Directory, Rev Danielson
1894-5First church of the Evangelical AssociationEvangelical AssociationElgin City Directory, southeast corner of Center and Milwaukee streets. Rev Vaubel
1894-5Free Methodist ChurchFree MethodistElgin City Directory, Rev. Smashes
1921-2Apostolic Christian ChurchChristianElgin City directory, German, corner Lillie Street and Preston Ave, pastors Huber & Spiess
1921-2First Baptist ChurchBaptistElgin City directory, corner Chicago and N. Geneva streets, Rev McGlashan, 1000 members
1921-2Immanuel Baptist ChurchBaptistElgin City directory, corner of Grace and Bent streets, Rev. Stephens, 118 members
1921-2Second Baptist ChurchBaptistElgin City directory, Colored, corner Kimball street and Dundee avenue, Rev McWilliams
1921-2Central Christian ChurchChristianElgin City directory, at Y.W.C.A., no resident pastor
1921-2Church of the BrethrenElgin City directory, Highland avenue, near Hamilton, Rev. Weaver, 159 members
1921-2First Congregational ChurchCongregationalElgin City directory, corner of Chicago and Center streets, Rev. Hanscom, 1100 members
1921-2Church of the RedeemerEpiscopalElgin City directory, southwest corner of Center and Milwaukee streets, rector Johnson
1921-2Swedish Evangelical Emanuel ChurchEvangelicalElgin City directory, corner DuPage and Geneva Streets, Rev. Hawkinson
1921-2First Church of the Evangelical AssociationEvangelicalElgin City directory, southeast corner of Milwaukee and Center streets, Rev. Jordan
1921-2St. Paul's Evangelical ChurchEvangelicalElgin City directory, northwest corner Center and Division streets, Rev Bierbaum
1921-2Believers ChurchGospel HallElgin City directory, N. 7, S. Spring Street
1921-2SynagogueJewishElgin City directory, 77 villa street, Rev. Jacobson, rabbi
1921-2Synagogue of the Congregation of Thepheral IsraelJewishElgin City directory, 166 Dexter avenue, Rev Baskin rabbi
1921-2Holy Trinity English Lutheran ChurchLutheranElgin City directory, southeast corner Chapel and Division, Rev Rockey
1921-2Norwegian-Danish Evangelical Lutheran Zion ChurchLutheranElgin City directory, 270 Griswold street, Rev. Kaatrud
1921-2St. John's Evangelical Lutheran ChurchLutheranElgin City directory, southeast corner Dexter avenue and Spring street, Rev. Kowert, 1400 members
1921-2Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Bethlehem ChurchLutheranElgin City directory, northwest corner Villa and Fulton streets, Rev. Carlson, 400 members
1921-2St. James African Methodist Episcopal ChurchMethodistElgin City directory, Ann Street, between Center and Dundee ave, pastor Brooken
1921-2Epworth Methodist Episcopal ChurchMethodistElgin City directory, northeast corner of Arlington avenue and May street, pastor Green
1921-2First Methodist Episcopal ChurchMethodistElgin City directory, northwest corner Milwaukee and Center streets, Rev. Martin, 1205 members
1921-2Grace Methodist Episcopal churchMethodistElgin City directory, southeast corner of S. Jackson and South streets, Rev Will, 185 members
1921-2Free Methodist ChurchMethodistElgin City directory, east side of Villa, near DuPage., Rev Parks
1921-2Zion Methodist Episcopal ChurchMethodistElgin City directory, German, west side of S. Jackson, between Locust and South streets., Rev Shellbase
1921-2House of Hope Presbyterian ChurchPresbyterianElgin City directory, Standist street near State, Rev Fraser, missionary Lolodorf, 365 members
1921-2St. Joseph's ChurchRoman CatholicElgin City directory, north side of Division street, near Center, Rev Hausser
1921-2St. Mary's ChurchRoman CatholicElgin City directory, northwest corner S. Gifford and Fulton streets, Rev Ouimet, Rev. Dougherty asst.
1921-2First Church of ChristScientistElgin City directory, 27 S. Division. librarian Prentiss, first reader Walter, second reader Giertz
1921-2First Universalist ChurchUniversalistElgin City directory, southeast corner of Villa and DuPage streets, Rev Adams, 464 members
1940St. John's Evangelical Lutheran ChurchLutheran1940 City Directory, 109 North Spring Street

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